Batman’s the Most Popular Girl at the Prom

By which I mean everyone wants to dance with batman, by which I further mean that they all want to beat him with lead pipes. Yes, it’s another Arkham Asylum video, but instead of introducing a new villains, this one is all abut Bats as he takes on a large gang of thugs. I really like that Batman “senses” where the next attack is coming from, and the way he goes back and forth between opponents looks a lot like I imagine Batman fighting in my head. Admittedly, this doesn’t seem like the hardest difficulty level, but it’s still pretty damn satisfying to see Batman making some very body-specific attacks. Oh, and if you like the last shot of Batman kicking a dude’s face into a wall in slow-motion, check out this video, which is nothing but brutal slow-motion kicks and punches. I think Batman gives one poor bastard a flying elbow.