Breaking: Superheroine to Wear Sensible Shoes


I can’t believe I missed this on Friday, but DC’s new Source blog showed off Batwoman’s new outfit — normally a character I’d be utterly uninterested in, despite her significant lipstick lesbianism — and I’m in utter awe, because Batwoman is wearing boots.

Not high heels. Boots.

Fuck yeah. Despite the constant slide of superheroes becoming grittier and more realistic over the last two decades, superheroines have somehow managed to miss all that (well, other than getting raped occasionally by Dr. Light). So I’m genuinely excited that a superheroine gets to wear reasonable shoes when she does out to get in fights and swing from rooftops and dodge bullets, all things that should never been attempted with high heels. Good for you, DC.

Oh, the design on the right is Batwoman’s alter-ego, Kathy Kane. I’m likewise impressed with her because, well, Robot 6 put it best:

I’m not sure at this point what I think about Batwoman’s
“retro-rockabilly” alter ego, but I’ll concede that it’s several steps
up from the generic, slinky gown-wearing persona we were initially
introduced to almost three years ago. This Kate Kate radiates
personality with a look that’s distinctive, at least in the DC
Universe. Before, she could’ve been any background character from
virtually any crowd scene.

I actually like it a lot. I know girls who look like this. I know no one who hangs out in evening gowns. Kudos to you, DC. This is a character I’d looking forward to seeing (having lesbian sex).