DC Feels Like Making Love (Crazy)

DC’s Source blog has been running some pretty cool pics of the rainbow of Lanterns that currently inhabit DC’s universe; I’ve often thought about running them, since I dig the ROYGBIV twist, but mostly they’re just odd-looking aliens in monchromatic color schemes. So I haven’t. Until today.
Because the Violet Lanterns are actually the Star Sapphires — as in the DC villainess. It turns out (and this is surely old news to DC fans) that apparently, Star Sapphire is or was always technically a Violet Lantern, the Lantern group whose main emotion is love (like the Green Lanterns have willpowers, the Sinestro-led yellow Lanterns use fear, etc.) and whose job it is to spread love through the galaxy.

Can anyone explain to me how this jibes with Star Sapphire’s 40-year history of evil? Are the Violet Lanterns just focused on the crazy, stalker-y, often psychotic side of love.? because that would be awesome. I’m under the impression that the Violet Lantern rings have been given to spurned women, which seems to back this up. If DC has really decided the power of love in the DC universe is insane and borderline evil, I’d be totally impressed. Also, it would explain a great deal.

Also, to get into the Violet Lanterns, you have to be at least a C-cup. AND NO FATTIES.