DVD Day: April 14th, 2009


? Exosquad Season 1
There’s not much getting released today, but I had to run DVD Day if only to let you know that Exosquad finally hits. I — and most importantly you guys — would never have forgiven me otherwise. FYI, it’s two discs, 13 episodes, and only $15 — one hell of a deal.

? Death Note Box Set II
I’d like to take another moment to announce that Death Note — whose second and final box set comes out today for a mere $34 at Amazon — is the best anime I’ve seen in years, and the fact that it’s technically a kids series about a brilliant teen who kills thousands of criminals in order to create the perfect world and slowly becomes a megalomaniac undone by detectives makes it all the more awesome. Also, I think the anime is superior to the original manga (and way better than the live-action movies), and Viz’s English dub is absolutely stellar, and one of the few series which I prefer the dub over the Japanese version. Even if you’re not into anime, I think you’d do well to give Death Note a try. Okay, mini-rant over. DVD Day will now resume.

? The Spirit
See below.

? Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain
One of the classics of ’80s Hong Kong cinema, Zu is a martial arts fantasy starring Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao and directed by Tsui Hark all at the height of their skills. I haven’t seen it, but I’m told by many that not only is it awesome, it still holds up — especially in the second half, which is all just pure, unadulterated kung fu madness.

? Best of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show
Contains Star Koopa, Mario and the Beanstalk, Pirates of the Koopa, Mario’s Magic Carpet,  Two Plumbers and a Baby, Mario and Joliet, Do You Princess Toadstool Take
This Koopa?, Quest for Pizza, and The Trojan Koopa. Plan accordingly.

? Mask of the Ninja
I can’t imagine how terrible this movie is, but it stars Starship Troopers‘ Casper Van Dien as a fucking ninja. Awesome.