I’m Just Going to Call It Terminator Salivation Now

More Terminator: Salvation commercials debuted this week, and now I’m just impressed at how they keep finding new footage to show off that keeps blowing my mind. The previous commercials have focused on John Connor and that Marcus Wright and a lot of the different robots that are busy killing humans in the future, but this commercials focuses on the classic Terminators, and how fucking badass they are. If you’re any kind of Terminator fan, this video will make liquids appear in your pants, one way or another.

Also, I want to take a quick moment to salute the late Stan Winston. He designed the Terminator back in 1984, and it is just as awesome and scary now, 25 years later, as it was then. Only someone of Winston’s talents could have designed something that would hold up so well for so long. It is truly a phenomenal feat.