J.J. Abrams Might Build the Dark Tower

Dark Tower 1.jpg
Thing I did not know:  J.J. Abrams’, director of the upcoming Star Trek reboot and producer on Lost, has the film rights to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I bring this up because Abrams just told IGN that he’s going to get to work on The Dark Tower  with buddy Damon Lindelof after Lost ends.

Okay. Despite Stephen King’s movie track record, I feel pretty confident that Abrams could make Dark Tower work for mass audiences in general. However, Lindelof once said they were hoping to make it a seven picture series, but there’s no way Paramount or any studio will agree to a seven picture deal for anything nowadays. So the question is, would you guys rather have Dark Tower crammed into maybe three movies? Or, and this is what I’m thinking, maybe as a TV series? Look, ABC will need something after Lost, and I think based on its success, ABC would be willing to plan for a finite, seven-season series especially given Abrams and the property. And I can see a lot of Lost fans jumping on board for the same reasons. Am I crazy? What do you guys think? (Via Unreality)