Progress: I Don’t Hate New Veronica Mars Movie Trailer

Not the official poster. Via Geeks Unleashed

So, unlike the first footage I saw, this looks like a movie I could sit through. It doesn’t yet look like anything I would seek out, because as a non-fan it isn’t giving me much. If the gimmick of the show was that she was a high-school student who solved mysteries, and she has grown out of the high school part, what’s the hook again? And why the hell are fans called “marshmallows”?

Jamie Lee Curtis cameo, though – nice. Was that deal signed before or after this was a crowd-funded movie? Remember how we argued about that whole deal before Zach Braff made himself a target by being even more annoying? Good times.

Watch the trailer, and if you’re a fan, please tell me what it isn’t showing that would make me like it more.