Michael Bay Knows Exactly What Transformers Fans Want to See

Michael Bay showed off some new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen footage at ShoWest recently, and Bay kindly made it available on the internet. The clip starts with an incredibly awful scene of Shia the Beef and Bumblebee having a heart-to-heart in a garage, and then moves to action stuff around the 1:30 mark. Just to break it down for you, the footage contains:
? Bumblebee playing a clip of ’80s music to denote an emotion
? Shia the Beef repeatedly and awkwardly calling Bumblebee “Bee”
? Bumblebee releasing a bodily fluid you wouldn’t expect an alien robot to possess
? Megan Fox gratuitously undressing
? A robot leaping through a building
? A lot of tight shots of overcomplicatedly designed robots fighting so you have no idea who they are or who is winning
? One actually clear shot of Optimus Prime getting the shit kicked out of him
? An elderly robot walking with a cane and complaining