SDCC: A (Very Brief) Look at the G.I. Joe Renegades Cartoon

Hasbro held its annual G.I. Joe panel today, which was entirely about Renegades, the new cartoon coming at some point on their new Hub channel. They showed off several character designs and a maybe 30-second clip of animation, which was reasonably cool. The character designs are somewhere in-between Resolute, classic designs, and the movie — so Scarlett looks pretty classic, Destro looks a lot like his Resolute version, and Ripcord looks like Marlon Wayans. The wildest character design is Mindbender, who looks like a scientist and not the guy who got kicked out of the Village People for being too flamboyantly gay. As for the plot:
? It’s pretty much G.I. Joe year one.
? Scarlett hires a bunch of people to take on Cobra, which seems to be a normal public corporation.
? The operations gets fucked and the Joe team ends up framed and on the run, same as The A-Team, pretty much.
? So basically it’s the first time most of these guys meet, both in Joe and in Cobra.
? The show will be a continual story, and include things like how the Dreadnoks got hooked up with Cobra.
? Cobra has shit like Bio-Viper monsters and mechs.
? The Baroness has some kind of alternative like ninja/leather/stealth/badass suit, and it’s pretty awesome.