Shocker Toys Toy Shocker: They’re Out


There’s no reason you would no this, but there’s been a very small war between a few TR readers and Shocker Toys back in this October article. See, Shocker announced their Indie Spotlight toys (shown above) way back in 2006 — seriously, they had prototypes back in February 2007’s NY Toy Fair — and since they’ve announced release dates and missed them about a jillion times. The article I wrote said that Diamond said the figures would finally be released last December, and several readers pointed out that this date wouldn’t be met, and the toys would likely never come out. A Shocker Toys rep disagreed.

Yesterday, the figures became available for purchase at Big Bad Toy Store.

And thus, this minor nerdpocalypse comes to an end (until we go through this shit again with series 2). The haters must recognize that the toys can, finally, be bought and owned by human beings, and Shocker should probably acknowledge that perhaps they were a tad optimistic about the dozen or so release dates they announced for the toys. Now you boys shake hands and make up… or just continue sniping each other, which will at least be entertaining. Whee!