So Karl Urban Does a Pretty Good McCoy

Two new Trek clips have been released — one where Kirk hits smarmily on Uhura in a bar, and the above, where Dr. McCoy freaks out about all the many, many ways he could die on his trip to outer space. Right now, I’m still a bit hesitant about Chris Pine as Kirk, just because those are awfully big shoes to fill, although I imagine that bar scene will work better in the film as a whole as opposed to on its own. I also can’t look at Zachary Quinto’s Spock without seeing Sylar with a bad haircut. So right now, I think my favorite is Karl Urban’s Bones; he just seems to have it down perfectly. And maybe I’m crazy, but I actually think he looks a bit like DeForrest Kelley, too. Go ahead and violently disagree with me in the comments — I know you want to.