Videogame Video Trifecta: Terminator, Bioshock 2, Ghostbusters

I was having a hard time figuring out which of these three videogame preview videos i wanted to run, and then I remembered I’m on the internet. The only rule is there are no rules (which is another line from Dragonball: Evolution which is said repeatedly without ever having any relevance to anything).

? I’m not sure how Terminator is going to play, but man, those are some great looking environments. If Terminator Salvation ends up being a good movie and a good movie game, consider my mind officially blown.

? If you liked last week’s Bioshock 2 debut trailer, here’s the pop-up video version, which confirms that the game is a sequel set 10 years after the original, and you will have a Little Sister to protect at least some of the time, and other facts (like you can combine plasmid attacks!). Man, I’m looking forward to this game.

? And last but not least, here’s one of the Ghostbusters game designers doing a walk-through of a small part of one of the levels and a boss fight, complete with trap. Honestly, it might look like the least accomplished game of the three, but it’s Ghostbusters, and thus I love it the best.