DVD Day: May 27th, 2009


? Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
Apparently, this Debbie Gibson masterpiece didn’t quite make it out the door last week, so here it is again. I normally don’t list DVDs twice, but I wanted to show how much I support sharks and octopuses attacking Debbie Gibson.

? Saturday Morning Cartoons ’60s and ’70s
Two separate Vol. 1 sets I refuse to list separately. ’60s contains Top Cat, Atom Ant, The Peter Potamus Show, and Quick Draw McGraw, while ’70s contains The Jetsons, Hong Kong Phooey, Speed Buggy, and The Batman Tarzan Adventure Hour.

? Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
When I was 13, I thought this movie was the greatest movie ever made. Now thatit’s 2009 and is coming out on Blu-ray, I realize that’s not strictly true.

? Land of the Lost: The Complete Series
There’s a special edition that comes with a lunchbox case, FYI.

? The Sky Crawlers
The latest movie from Mamoru Oshii, who made the first Ghost in the Shell and the amazingly awful Ghost in the Shell 2. Really, that whole movie was like he was trying to punish fans for enjoying the original by filming cartoon characters quote Paradise Lost at each other for two hours.

? Digimon Data Squad Collection 1
I know I have some Digimon fans reading, so here you go — don’t say I never did anything for you.

? Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol. 4
There’s a ninja, she’s a lady, and she frequently gets undressed. Volume 4.