E3: Marvel UA2 Vs. Arkham Asylum’s Joker

E3 has returned, and here’s the two videos released that I’m betting you’re most interested in (so far): a new clip of various Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 cinematics and then a look at the exclusive-on-PS3-but-probably-later-available-on-Xbox 360-although-noone’s-admitting-it Joker missions on Batman: Arkham Asylum.

So MUA2 has some great character designs — I especially like the real material-look of the costumes — and Captain America sucker-punching Iron Man, because he’s a dick. And yet, even though the B:AA clips mostly show Joker’s limited move set, it’s kind of hard to deny his awesomeness, too. Will you guys be ponying up for both? Or will you have to pick one?