Grumpy Old People Defeat Satan


Spider-man’s marriage has been saved! Kind of! While Peter Parker will continue to be a webslingin’ single in the Marvel comics, after having sold his marriage to Mephisto in order to save his elderly aunt’s life in a move that pleased no one at all — the Spidey of the newspaper comic strip has had his marraige-less life revoked. Yes, after suddenly waking up to be single and living in his elderly aunt’s house in the comic strip (to match the comic book’s “continuity”), Peter Parker woke up again in this past Sunday’s strip to discover it was all a dream, and he’s still living his his hot supermodel wife.

Now, the reason for the change-back is “in answer to your ton of requests” that Spidey be married again. Since only old people read newspaper comic sections (or newspapers), Mephisto has indeed been defeated by the elderly, who were just as confused and irritated by by Spidey’s marimonial ret-con as the 20- and 30-somethings who read comic books. I’m not surprised that old people would rather read about a married Spidey instead of a single one, but this is a weird precedent to start. I can only assume that the comic strip will feature Spidey trying to figure out how to text on cellphones and dealing with Medicare benefits in the coming weeks. (Via Comics Curmudgeon)