DC Is Out of Their Goddamned Minds


?DC has been announcing all of the #1s which will be debuting following their Crisis on Infinite Reboots saga at the end of August, and while I don’t really want to get into it all, I do want to speak about what’s happening to Batman. As you may know, at the moment, Dick Grayson is Batman with Damian Wayne as Robin, Tim Drake is running around as Red Robin (I think) and Bruce Wayne is another Batman but most just in charge of the shit going down in Grant Morrison’s best-selling Batman, Inc. So here’s how DC’s going to change it:

Bruce Wayne is now Batman again, and will star in Batman #1, Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Detective Comics #1, and Batman and Robin, where Damian Wayne will still be Robin. Now, there’ll be a Catwoman #1, a Batwoman #1 (which is just the same Batwoman issue everyone’s been waiting for for about a year, I think), a Birds of Prey #1 (starring, inexplicably Poison Ivy and someone called Katana), and most importantly, Batgirl #1… starring a non-paralyzed Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

Oh, and DC just announced today that Morrison’s Batman, Inc. will continue at some point next year, but with a #1.

There’s a lot of issues here, but the first I want to focus on at Batgirl. I know some people are overjoyed, some people are pissed. Batgirl’s one of the few characters to have had a major character development that actually stuck around for 20+ years, so I’d say this change is as big as forcing Dick Grayson into being Robin again. Whatever side you’re on, Oracle was one of the few disabled superheroes in comics, and I know some people are pissed about losing that, and deservedly so, I think. All I’ll say is that there have been lots of Batgirls, and the only thing I know about Barbara Gordon is that she was the first. But there’s only ever been one Oracle.

The second and more important issue is what the fuck? So DC is just erasing everything Grant Morrison has done… but then is bringing back Batman, Inc. next year? How? I’d say that they were just going to let Morrison keeping doing his own — again, very successful — thing, but then why the delay? Why make it a #1? How on earth can it possibly fit in when all the other Grant Morrison Batman-shit has been erased?

I don’t know, and honestly, I don’t think DC knows either. I think they’re just winging it, and that’s what bothers me more than anything. If they had a plan, I think they’d be far less likely to backtrack on all this next year, which will instantly turn this otherwise bold step into a massive fiasco. Maybe I’m wrong, and I’ll be the first to admit that I am. But this is the sort of news that makes me think this reboot was an idea an executive ordered last month and that everyone else is scrambling to put into action without any idea of how to pull it off. (Via Comics Alliance)