Well, Here’s the End of Captain America, I Guess (And About 8 Seconds of Avengers, Too)

For whatever reason, Marvel has decided to release the very last clip (or what I assume is the last clip — I still haven’t seen Captain America yet, although I’m going this weekend, and will have my belated review up on Monday) of Captain America. I guess it’s a spoiler, but if you’ve heard of Captain America before and know even slightly what his deal is, this scene really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The real treat is about 8 seconds of crystal clear Avengers footage afterwards, all taken from the Cap post-credits teaser whose bootleg I already ran — it’s not much, but it’s still enough that I gave my computer monitor a big sloppy kiss. With tongue, even. Now I need to go clean my monitor. Thanks for nothing, Avengers. And thanks to everyone who sent this in.