Sabersegging: Official Sport of Nerdy Douchebags

I had entirely planned on not hating the participants of this video. I really think Sabersegging — which is to say fighting with lightsabers while on segways — well, it couldn’t be cool, obviously, but it could be hella fun. It’d be kind of like jousting! And then I watched this video, wherein:

? The exceedingly creepy segway instructor spanks his female students with a paddle
? The lightsaber instructor “Master Flynn” — our old buddy of the ill-advised lightsaber exercise routine — declaring that there’s a “move” called a “Flynn” which is named after him
? …and that move is just two people waving their goddamn lightsabers up and down like kids have been doing with lightsaber for three decades, and with sticks for millennia

And thus, a potentially fun act of nerdery has been rendered unperformable except by enormous fucking doucebags. Guess I’ll go back to drinking and hating! Whee!