TR Contest: Making the Band

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Remember how I ran that contest not that long ago where you made up sports teams based on your favorite characters and nerd franchises? Well, let’s do that again. Except instead of sports teams, you’re making up bands.

Create a band for any fictional character (or characters)
from nerd-dom. Movies, TV shows, videogames, anything. All I need to know is 1) who’s in it, and 2) what the band name is, although you may feel free to include 3) the type of music they play and/or 4) a title of one of their songs and/or 5) a little “Behind the Music”-style info on them — it may net you bonus points, but you definitely gotta keep ’em short.

As with the sports team contest, coming up with ideas will be easy, but coming up with the cleverest ideas is the real trick. Obviously, the Stark boys could easily be in The Dire Wolves, or Fallen Winter. I, however, think they should all be in a death metal band called

Three entries per person, the contest ends on Monday, April 23rd at 12:01 am EST, and I should say thanks to Topless Roboteer Jonah B. for the tip. Have a great weekend, folks, and try not to dream of any rape-frogs.