Stan Bush No Longer Has “The Touch”

Before you scream “blasphemy” and assault Topless Robot HQ with pitchforks and burning torches, please watch this video for Bush’ new version of “The Touch” — complete with a middle-aged white dude rapping — and tell me you approve. Frankly, I think he’s not only missing “the touch,” but he sorely seems to be lacking in “the power” as well. But the tragedy is that if the horrible rapping weren’t there, I think I’d really like it as a cover/homage/something — my love for ’80s Stan Bush is pretty fucking considerable — but no beefy middle-aged white dudes rapping, sorry.

Actually, the real tragedy probably that Bush is still hoping this thing ends up on the Transformers 2 soundtrack… when it won’t. Sorry, sStan. Calling it “Sam’s Theme” was a nice try, though.