TR Contest: Best Toy They Never Made


It’s back to basics for this weekend’s TR contest, although you’re imagination is required. I know we’ve all thought about this — the one action figure or vehicle we wished to Evil Flying Jesus was made so we could buy it. Even now, I wish I could have a figure of Al Swearengen from Deadwood, or Sean Connery in his awesome red diaper from Zardoz (I love that movie, as ridiculous as it is), and so many more. But one toy that I would actually kill a man for if it would help it get made is Cid from Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix refuses to make figures of Cid (or Barret, who I also want) for reasons I do not understand. I have multiple figures and statues of everyone else from FFVII (and Advent Children). I have four or so sets of the nearly complete FFVII playable character roster. EXCEPT FOR FUCKING CID AND BARRET. Using my nerd cred, I have actually asked Square Enix in person about these two figures every single time I’ve seen them. It’s gotten very awkward, actually, because it’s been nine years since I started asking and I still have no intention of quitting.

So that’s not that interesting, but it’s my vote. You guys put your in the comments, and the best idea wins. The normal rules apply, but two notes:
? One entry per person, although comment all you’d like
? Feel free to suggest who you think should win in the comments, because that helps me a lot.
The contest ends at 3am EST on Monday, May 18th, folks. Have a good weekend.