TR Contest: Worst Comic Run


One quick announcement before I begin this weekend’s contest:, who were kind enough to sponsor last weekend’s contest, were so impressed by your haikus (and rightfully so) that they’ve offered every Topless Robot reader a $5 off coupon for any order. Simply head over there and enter “toplessrobot” as the coupon code and enjoy. I’d like to thank them again for their generosity and cool shirts.

Now for the contest. As you might have guessed, I’m still exhausted after sorting through last weekend’s haikus, so here’s a long-requested topic: give me the worst comic run of all time. It has to have the same artist or writer, so no skipping about, although you’re obviously cool to focus on either the art or the writing or a combination of both. Things you need to know:

? One entry per person.
? Try to be brief, please. I’m very fragile right now.
? Here are the other rules.
? As per usual, there will be one winner of one TR shirt.

Contest ends on Monday, June 1st, at 3am. I hope you all get access to all the Peters and love sockets you want this weekend, courtesy of