A Brief Conversation About the Snake Eyes Bobblehead

Zach Oat is an editor over at Television Without Pity, the former editor of ToyFare magazine, a G.I. Joe fiend and a good, good friend. This is a conversation we had about a couple of hours ago on IM:

Zach: Have you seen this?
        Just when you thought Snake Eyes was the best-looking thing in the movie.
me: OH MY GOD.
       That’s just tragic.
Zach: “Can we accentuate his huge lips somehow? And his trousers?”
me: Really, why the trousers?
       Why not… ninja pants?
Zach: I guess tights are too gay? For middle america?
       I don’t know how slacks are an improvement.
me: Me either. Those Dockers do not make me think of heterosexuality.
Zach: The lips bother me more than the pants.
me: Naturally.
       Well, that’s because only two types of masks have lips like that.
       Old-school Halloween masks from the ’80s and gimp masks.
       Actually, not even all gimp masks have lips.
       Just the extra creepy ones.
Zach: If it was a zipper mouth, I’d actually love it.
me: Sadly, a zipper would make the mask less creepy, wouldn’t it?
Zach: Yes.
       Because then I’d know if he could open his mouth or not. I’m worried he’s going to.
me: If he does, you know they got Sam Jackson to do his voice.
Zach: “These are some goddamn comfortable pants!”