Awesome Dragonball Movie Toys Perplex Me Mightily

The Dragonball Evolution movie was crap.?Empirically. If you happened to read my weekend gig writing about anime toys over at Anime News Network, you know that Bandai’s toys of the movie were somehow even worse. No one denies this.
But now… Hong Kong toymakers Enterbay are creating two 12-inch figures of movie Goku and Piccolo, and they’re –bizarrely and unnecessarily — kind of awesome. Check out these pics from ToysREvil:
Why? Why on earth would someone do this? Look, even I think they look outstanding — and they have more personality in their sculpts than either Justin Chatwin or James Marsters managed to sneak into the film itself — but who would actually want to purchase these things, and be constantly reminded of?how fucking awful the Dragonball Evolution movie was? You can polish a turd until it looks like a diamond, but it’s a still a turd.