Battlestar Galactica’s Adorable Little Frakkers


Quantum Mechanics is making a line of animated-style Battlestar Galactica maquettes; that’s Starbuck up above, and you can head over to ToyNewsI to see a Cylon in the same style. They’re $65 each, 6-inches tall and due out in September. Frankly, I’m not really stunned by them, except for the fact that the line is seriously called Little Frakkin’ Toasters (for the Cylons) and Little Frakkin’ Colonials (for the humans), and this actually made me laugh. it’s like Precious Moments for the BSG set. I can only dream that they start doing actual scenes, like of Tigh poisoning his wife or Athema’s husband having mistakenly rough sex with Boomer while a tied-up Boomer is forced to watch or a drunk Adama vomiting all over himself on the street. I would buy the living fuck out of those.