Bollywood He-Man Is Terrifyingly More Disturbing Than Robogeisha

I just know, somewhere in the deep, dark pit of despair I have in the place where I used to have a heart that this utterly batshit insane clip of an inexpicable He-Man-themed dance routine from some batshit insane Bollywood movie is going to be better than whatever Hollywood eventually does to my beloved Masters of the Universe. At very least, it won’t have that awesome mustachioed man calmly gazing upon He-Man and the dancing skeletons and huge statue of Skeletor, calmly smoking a cigarette and occasionally nodding, as if to give the whole fucking nightmare his approval. Thanks to everyone who sent this magic in — now if you’ll excuse me, I need to hire a midget to wear an Orko costume and dance for me for the next several hours. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me anymore.

P.S.: Mattel — I want an MOTUC figure of the mustachioed man, stat.