Breaking: Watchmen Blu-Ray Makes Blu-Ray Suddenly Awesome and Necessary

I had decided to give Blu-ray a pass. I love movies, but I’ve just invested too much in DVDs and the jump up in quality of Blu-rays was too little for me to justify re-buying 100s of movies. But now, thanks to my pals at The Blu-ray Blog, I am fucked — witness the majesty of Watchmen‘s Maximum Movie Mode:
It’s like a director’s commentary on crack, with an extra dose of awesomeness. This is exactly what Blu-ray should be doing, and whether you loved or hated the Watchmen movie, I don’t think there’s a better way to showcase the film’s incredible attention to detail or devotion to the source material. If any of you rich Topless Robot readers want to buy me a Playstation 3, I will very generously allow it.