David Carradine, 1936-2009 (Updated)

Goddammit. Just minutes after I posted my David Eddings article, came the sad news that actor David Carradine has died at the age of 73 in Bangkok, Thailand. Carradine was the eldest son of Hollywood legend John Carradine, and starred in so many TV shows and movies, most notably Caine in Kung Fu and Frankenstein in the original Death Race 2000 for us nerds. But he was best cast as Bill in Kill Bill, the role he was born to play (Tarantino’s first choice of Warren Beatty be damned). Here’s hoping he went out in a kung fu fight or surrounded by Thai prostitutes — he deserved to go out with a bang.

Update: Now word is that he hung himself. That’s… that’s not what I meant by bang. Ugh.