Die Like You Lived: As a Huge @#$%ing Nerd

Your eyes do not deceive you — you are staring at an official Star Trek casket from Eternal Image, suitable for flinging deceased Vulcans off to Genesis, or just an elderly nerd with too much money and no dignity regarding his own passing. Look, I know that Gene Simmons made an official KISS casket, because Gene Simmons is horrible and only wakes up in the morning to find a new way to sell out. But I assumed that was going to be the end of it. Obviously not, but I don’t mind telling you the idea of themed coffins freaks me right out.

Oh, for those of you that are planning on going out extra crispy, Eternal Image has you covered (or contained, more specifically):
A Trek urn. *shudder* Look, I’m all for living like you want, but funerals are for your friends and family, not you — you’re dead. Let them grieve without remembering what a huge fucking nerd you were. Unless you hate your friends and family, and want to shame them one last time from beyond the grave. Then it’s okay. And pretty funny. Thanks to Luke G. for the tip. (Via Officially Cool)