If Japan Refuses to Make Naruto Figures, Toynami Will


Naruto is a popular show. It’s popular here, it’s popular in Japan. And yet, it has almost no toys available for it in either country (yes, there’s scads of other merchandise, but no action figures). Now that Mattel’s horrible Naruto toys seem to be safely forgotten, Toynami has the rights to make 6-inch figures of Naruto Shippuden, beginning with Naruto and Deidara. Now, I’ve seen Toynami’s anime figures before, and I can safely promise you they’re the most accurate anime sculpts you can get from an American company. On the negative side, they have very limited articulation — you’re probably getting a waist and an elbow or two, and that’s about it. Still, better that than nothing at all for Naruto fans, right? You can pre-order the duo here for $26 — they’re due in August-ish (but if their similarly excellent Futurama figures are any indication, it’ll be way later than that).