KAAANEEEDAAAA (Also, Medicom Makes Toys)


Okay, this isn’t exactly breaking news. But Medicom just held a toy exhibition of their upcoming toys and figures and such in Japan, and Toys R Evil has many, many pics — none of which are quite so awesome as the above 12-inch Kaneda from Akira. If you head over here, you can see some of the other 12-inch toys, which include Johnny Depp from Sleepy Hollow (nice but not that exciting), Kaworu from Evangelion (the gay albino kid who’s actually an Angel — who says anime is too weird?), a Dark Knight Two-Face (which looks good but not as good as Hot Toys’ Two-Face figure) and some other stuff, most terrifying of which are two 12-inch toys of Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley Paul Stanley in full KISS regalia. When you see Paul’s plethora of sculpted chest hair, you will know nausea.

There’s also some Kubrick and Bearbrick pics here, but it’s mostly Star Wars and it’s all stuff that we’ve seen one way or another. There’s a tiny AT-ST which is kind of cute, but you might as well just be buying Galactic Heroes. They’re cheaper and easier to find, at least..