Mickey Rourke as Whiplash… Really

Really? Apparently so. Mickey Rourke will be wearing the above harness contraption as the evil Russian villian Whiplash in Iron Man 2, and yes, he does seem to have his own little arc reactor on his chest to power his, uh… whips, or something. I’m assuming that it’s not embedded in his chest like Tony Stark’s, because that would mean Whiplash is an idiot who had elective chest surgery or just happened to also have shrapnel hanging out around his heart, which would be worse.

Look, I’m not digging this, but I think that’s mainly because I really don’t want to look at Mickey Rourke’s weird leathery body and bizarre pirate facial hair; still, I have to give Jon Favreau the benefit of the doubt after the immensely enjoyable first movie. Besides, I didn’t realize that the comic Whiplash was currently dressing like Lord Humungus from Road Warrior.
I will gladly take the above over seeing Rourke in black leather bondage gear. (Via USA Today)