Site News: A Moment of Topless Robot Self-Pleasure


So. Have you noticed how there have been a few extra articles posted each day this week? No? You’re a jerk. I have been doing extra posts each day this week, and you know why? I’m full-time, baby. Well, not full-time full-time, the kind where I get health benefits and such, but the kind where I can now do nothing but Topless Robot posts from 9-5 each day, which means more shit for you to read, and if big nerdy news happens in the evening or on the weekends, I’ll be posting that, too. I’m as excited a naked Harry Potter bent over Legolas and Aragorn, naturally.

Now, obviously, my continued full-time blogging is based on visitors and pageviews and your continued viewing of Topless Robot, but I’m not going to ask you for help. It’s my job to get you guys commenting and posting good shit that you deem worthy of emailing around to your nerdy buddies. But I will ask for a favor: What the hell do you want from TR?

I mean, am I lacking in coverage somewhere? Should I try and do more toys? More anime? Less videogames? Vice versa? Is DVD Day and Geek Apparel of the Week still worth doing? Does anyone miss Super Terrific Japanese Thing? Have I finally abused the people who wanted me to quit doing Fan Fiction Friday enough that they went away? Look, I do TR because I desperately crave attention, so you guys are more or less in charge. Please let me know how I can shamelessly pander for your affection more efficiently.

Oh, two more things — I’m about to order some more TR shirts for more contests, and I can pick two colors, and there’s no reason they have to be blue or gray. I’m taking requests in the comments (and if you ladies want babydolls, now’s your chance to raise a ruckus. Chances are I’d only be able to get those in one color, though). The other thing is if you’re going to SDCC, make sure to stop by tomorrow, as I have another important question.

Oh, and a third thing — thank you guys. The reason I’ve been able to do TR is because you are all huge fucking nerds (like myself) and are awesome. I’m incredibly grateful to you guys for the opportunity to be nerdy all day and be paid for it. I owe you guys big. As Jack Burton says, “The check’s in the mail.”