Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Coffee Maker

Fuck Mr. Coffee. Fuck him right in his boxy, non-mobile ass. Oh, that’s right — he’s not even an anthropomorph, so he has no ass to kick! I guess that’s just another way this semi-adorable yet genuinely creepy robo-maid is better than Mr. Coffee, because in addition to grabbing filter, grinding the beans, scooping the coffee, adding the water and pouring a cup of joew, she also has a tiny robot ass. So there.

Before you all go screaming “Skynet,” this is a robot made by an enthusiast who calls himself Clockwork, so it’s not for general consumption. Plus, if you watch the entire video, you’ll see that the robot needs to be placed pretty exactly to perform most of her tasks as well as have hot water handed to her, so it’s not like someone just hit the “Make me a cup of coffee” button and she did her thing. Still, it’s crazy and unsettling and Japanese, and that’s all I need to know. Thanks to the beguiling Melody V for the tip. (Via GeekAlerts)