Vampires Don’t Plan for the Future

So say you’re a vampire. You’ve taken over the planet, and have hooked up a pile of humans into blood harvesting machine like a slightly more sensible version of the Matrix battery deal. It might not occur to you immediately, but as the human dies and the blood stop flowing, it’s pretty obvious that this is not a sustainable process, right? You need more humans to keep your little vampire society going, right?

Right, but this apparently does not occur to the vampires of the new movie Daybreakers until the 11th hour, leaving them scrambling for some kind of blood substitute. Which provides an ample opportunity for the remnants of humanity in general and Willem Dafoe in particular to fuck some vampire shit up. I’m having a hard time believing this is going to be good, exactly, but I will always watch Willem Dafoe hunt vampires. After all, he’s the guy with the crossbow.