Old Han’s on Deck: Ford Back for Episode VII?


That’s certainly the buzz right now. Latino Review’s El Mayimbe, who is one of the more reliable scoopers on that site, went on Fox Latino to say it was definitely happening. EW’s Geoff Boucher, also reliable, says a deal isn’t happening just yet, but might be months away (I’m guessing 6 months – Disney’s D-23 convention is in August and it’d be a hell of a thing to announce there). HuffPo has the latest roundup.

In other news of old sci-fi stars, William Shatner appears to be trying to angle his way into the Star Wars sequels in trademark style, by being a semi-ironic blowhard about the whole thing. They should mo-cap him for a fully grown Rotta the Hutt, unless Rotta somehow died in some episode I missed.