Worst Way That the Avengers Could Go Horribly Wrong: The Tribute Video

Inspired by the “Worst Way the Avengers Movie Could Go Horribly Wrong” contest featured on this very site earlier this month, ItsJustSomeRandomGuy — best known for his Marvel vs. DC videos — decided do his own take on the subject. I know he was inspired by our contest because 1) he told me he was, 2) he asked my permission to do the video in the first place, which was super cool and 3) there’s a mention of everyone’s most bombad artificial intelligence, as per In The Garage’s winning entry. Oh, and he even says “Special Thanks to, whose contest article inspired this video! And for being cool with me making it!” in the YouTube description. I say thank you, ItsJustSomeRandomGuy!And god help us if any of these things show up in the movie.