I’ve Seen the New Ant-Man Trailer That’ll Go Online Monday


It was in 3D, and it’s the first thing I’ve seen yet that makes me actually excited for Ant-Man.

As this came at the end of an Age of Ultron press conference and we were not prepared, I couldn’t take notes and am going from memory. But here’s most of what I remember…

-Trailer opens with a standard helicopter shot over the ocean as we approach a coastal city.

-Corey Stoll in pre-Yellowjacket mode is giving a press conference about how a spy who could shrink to undetectable size would be a great asset. Hank Pynm, in the crowd, seems worried this idea is in the wrong hands.

-Scott Lang seen fighting in prison. Pym watches him on monitors. They meet. Pym says he wants to give him a second chance.

Lang: “I’m done breaking into places and stealing stuff. What do you need me to do?”
Pym: “I need you to break into a place and steal some stuff.”

-the Ant-Man costume revealed, as above. Lang first uses it in the shower.

-Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne explains the suit’s powers – how ants will be his greatest ally. We see a shrunken Lang approach a small yellow ant, saying something like, “Hey, cute li’l guy!” Then bigger black ones approach, and next thing we see he’s running with swarms of them.

-Hope explains that he’ll have super-strength in ant-mode, so she needs to teach him how to punch. Lang is skeptical, so of course she punches him hard in the nose.

-We see Stoll as Yellowjacket, looking more like Iron Spider. He’s pissed at Lang. ‘You stole my idea, and became this thing!” Lang: “I’m Ant-Man. [pause]It wasn’t my idea.”

-The two do battle, shrinking and expanding, finally ending up on toy train tracks, with a Thomas the Tank Engine about to run over Yellowjacket.

-Camera pulls out to a view of it as a little toy, as it slowly hits the tiny bad guy, and falls off its tiny track in amusingly minor fashion.

Lots of good use of shrinking and growing – a very effects-heavy trailer over all. It’s set to debut in theaters in front of Age of Ultron.