Cobra Island Is the Island of Misfit Joes



The only problem with Hasbro’s 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero is that we all knew that at a certain point — like just before they got to weirdo characters like Chuckles and Dr. Mindbender — Hasbro was going to stop and just make variants of the big characters like Duke and Snake Eyes. I can’t really blame them for it, because they still released a lot of great figures, even if you don’t count the doubles — and most of the doubles were actually pretty awesome, too.

Plus, now Hasbro has put the not-ready-for-modern-toy-stores players in two different box sets for all you collectors. First up is the Joes in “Assault on Cobra Island,” which includes Outback, Hit & Run, Chuckles, Recondo, Wetsuit, Zap and Altitude; then the Cobra forces in “Defense of Cobra Island” with Dr. Mindbender and a horde of Vipers and Troopers: an Alley Viper, a Lamprey, a Night Creeper, a Range Viper, a Stratos Viper and a totally awesome battle-damaged BAT. Right now, you can pre-order both sets from Big Bad Toy Store for $70 — or $5 a figure. If you want these guys, I bet this will be your only shot. And if you’re holding your breath for the Fridge and Raptor… just… just stop. It’s over. (Via ToyNewsI)