Comic Movie Spoilers That Don’t Make Me Miserable


If you just started reading Topless Robot in the past few weeks, you’d be forgiven for thinking I have a policy to pre-hate all upcoming nerd-based movies. This isn’t true; I just hate stupid ideas, and they seem to be coming fast and furious these days. So I’m glad to report two rumors/spoilers that cast the upcoming Spidey 4 and Iron Man 2 flicks in a more positive light. Spoilers ahoy, so be warned.

First up, if you were concerned about Mickey Rourke’s Lord Humungus-esque Whiplash harness/outfit that got revealed a few months ago, Comic Book Resources says that’s for an early scene in IM2, and Rourke will be wearing a more imposing, armored Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo-type outfit before the end. Now, I think that’s a good thing. It’s hard to take Rourke as a credible threat for Iron Man when his nipples are exposed.

The second rumor is very much a rumor, because I can’t track down where it started, but i concerns Michael Papajohn’s appearance in Spidey 4 which gave me a small nerd rage-aneurysm the other day. I just assumed that Raimi was going to re-re-retcon Uncle Ben’s death, but someone somewhere has suggested that this might actually be Spidey villain the Chameleon in one of his disguises. I certainly hope that’s the case, since it both fucks with Spidey and doesn’t muck up the already murky waters of movie Uncle Ben’s murder.

So yes. Two things thaat make me look forward to two comic-based movies, although admittedly they’re not confirmed. It is possible, people. It’s just not very often.