Oh, Yeah, There’s Another G.I. Joe Movie Coming

Man, I sure was excited for G.I. Joe: Retaliation to premiere at the end of the summer. The trailers looked great, the crap from the first movie had been culled, and it all just looked like it was going to be a remarkably fun rendition of the classic cartoon. Then, of course, Paramount decided it needed heavy doses of 3-D and Channing Tatum, delayed the movie to next spring, and I promptly forgot it existed. Here’s the first international trailer for the delayed movie, which… uh… looks pretty much exactly like the original trailers, actually (there are a few news shots, which is why I bothered posting it). I don’t want to tell you how to run your business, Paramount, but seeing as you postponed this movie less than two months before it was going to premiere — negating countless months of promotion, not to mention costing Hasbro millions in the tie-in toyline — maybe you could pretend to give the tiniest shit about winning audiences back over? Just a little one? (Via ToyNewsI)