Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Commercial Stars Taylor Kitsch, Because Nothing He’s in Ever Fails


Call of Duty games like to have live-action trailers starring actors known for big action franchises. Sam Worthington. Megan Fox. Taylor Kitsch?

Listen, I personally thought he was a good Gambit in a bad movie, loved John Carter, and…well, even I didn’t go see Battleship, which had the same director as this commercial, namely Peter Berg. I’m just saying that if the logic is, “Hey, there’s that guy from that movie that kicked ass, so this will kick ass too,” it’s a tiny bit flawed. But hey, there is a beastiality joke. New demographic!

That said, the ad does show that you can make a GREAT live-action video game adaptation…so long as you’re only given a run time of a minute and half. After that it becomes dicey.

h/t SlyDante777