The Most Japanese Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Regular Topless Roboteers will know my fascination with Yatterman, the classic Japanese anime that sounds like an old ’60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon, except it was made in Japan and thus totally insane. What I haven’t mentioned (but have been following closely) is that there’s a live-action Yatterman movie coming out in Japan in a few months, directed by none other than Takashi Miike, the guy behind Ichi the Killer and many of Japan’s most horrifyingly disturbing films.

Now here’s the weird thing — you’d think that a Miike-directed film of a weird, old-school anime would be twisted beyond measure, right? Well, having watched this trailer — which I recommend doing either stone cold sober, or drunk out of your mind, there’s no room for middle ground here — it seems like an incredible authentic representation of the anime. So Takashi Miike has been out-weirded.

That’s how fucked up Yatterman is. This makes me very, very uncomfortable. (Via FilmDrunk)