Crunchberry Commander’s Crunchberry Revealed, Take 2

Cobra Commander.jpg

As some of you guys pointed out, the head underneath the 12-inch movie Cobra Commander’s mask (as seen in Mister Clown’s sordid expos? the other day) was in fact stolen from one of Hasbro’s own Action Man figures, which is stunningly awful. Really, Hasbro? You couldn’t even be bothered to make a new head sculpt for the 12-inch figure of the main villain from your franchise movie? This is just horrible on all levels.

However, this means Crunchberry Commander’s real face under the mask has yet to be revealed, and the considerate Tim L. sent me a pic from my pals over at the Terror Drome of the unmasked 3 3/4-inch figure. Check it out after the jump, won’t you?

Oh wait, that’s Robocop without his mask on. My bad. Crunchberry Commander looks like this:


Like Robocop without his mask on fell into the deep dryer. With makes like 40% of the film’s characters have been ripped directly off of Robocop. Sigh. Really, Sommers? Would a plain mask have been too difficult for you?