DVD Day: July 21st, 2009


? Watchmen: Director’s Cut

Okay, it’s time to sort this out. Amazon has a single-disc director’s cut on Blu-ray, and double-disc director’s cut on DVD, the theatrical cut on both, and the director’s cut in that pretty cool Owlship packaging on Blu-ray but not DVD (which is where the link goes to [theoretically]). But, remember, the ultimate collector’s edition is coming out before the holidays, making this irrelevant unless you don’t want the Black Freighter cut in or you really want the Owlship. Your call. Incidentally, most folks who have seen the director’s cut say it’s a superior movie, with a much better flow. I knew it would. Zak Snyder filmed the damn graphic novel; I guarantee he was forced at knife-point to whittle it down to 2 1/2-hours for theatrical release.
Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton‘s stop-motion masterpiece. I haven’t seen this yet, and yes, I am ashamed since everyone tells me it’s brilliant. I’m rectifying this immediately after SDCC.
Other than the main character’s gift of resurrection, Pushing Daisies isn’t that nerdy. But my god, it is brilliant, with the best, most clever dialogue I’ve heard on-screen since, well… ever. I really, really miss this show. 
So this is the pilot for the show, remastered? That’s kind of cool. And it has a Richard Dean anderson commentary track, which has to please you Stargaters.
I missed this when it was on TV, but I’m confident it’s more of the same, which is both fine and presumably funny. And certainly vastly superior to those Family Guy: Star Wars episodes. 
The cult/hit/British/Adult Swim series comes to DVD in three separate sets that I refuse to link to. Now, this is yet another show everyone tells me is hilarious (apparently, based on today’s DVD Day, I’ve stopped watching TV entirely), but it just kind of serves as a grim reminder to me that Adult Swim, like Cartoon Network, is done with cartoons. And that kind of depresses me. 
Wolverine fights Hulk. It can’t be as cool as Hulk Vs. Just sayin’.
There’s also some Sonic cartoons, some anime, a Super Mario DVD, and I believe a Heathcliff DVD coming out today, which I can’t be bothered to write up separately. I’ve got SDCC to prepare for. You want ’em, knock yourself out.