DVD Day: July 28th, 2009


?Holy shit. If you didn’t go to Comic Con and saved your cash, good job. Today’s going to be pricey.

? Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series
Along with Season 4.5, if you’ve been buying them individually. Now, this set comes with a Cylon figure and the nifty packaging you see to the right, but it does not include all the extras from the individual season sets, nor does it include the upcoming movie The Plan, so I think we can expect another, even more complete set in a few months.

? Torchwood: Children of Earth
Again, I’ve seen neither Torchwood nor the new Doctor Who, but I really enjoyed the heck out of this. If you missed it on BBC America and like sci-fi, I’d say paying $15 for it is a pretty safe investment.

? Dollhouse: Season One
Let me assure you that the first half of this season is pretty mediocre, and in fact contains one of the worst hours of television I’ve ever seen. But the show really turned around in the middle, and now I’m really looking forward to season two. Also, this set is the only way to see that fabled 13th episode, which still blows my mind from what I’ve heard about it.

? Green Lantern: First Flight
By all accounts, this DC direct-to-DVD animated movie is as good as the Wonder Woman one, which is not bad at all. Apparently it’s like a cop show in space, which makes the casting of L&O:SVU‘s Chris Meloni as Hal Jordan pretty inspired.

? Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead
One of this year’s Doctor Who “special episodes” starring the chick from The Bionic Woman remake. Try not to hold that against her.

? The Middleman: The Complete Series
Based on a hit comic series, this superhero show was apparently awesome although I never watched it. I feel like I’m part of the problem.

? Spectacular Spider-Man: Complete First Season
I hope you didn’t buy those single-disc releases, because here’s the first 13 episodes.

? Dragonball: Evolution
I know you’re not going to buy this, I just felt I had to keep you informed. If you see this in your local store, I highly suggest pointing and laughing at it.

? Angel of Death
This web series was written by comics genius Ed Brubaker and stars Zoe Bell, the amazing stunt woman from Death Proof, Doug Jones, the extremely talented actor behind the creatures from Pan’s Labyrinth and more, and Lucy Lawless. Watch it. Buy it. Whatever. Just see it.

? Big Man Japan
Remember this trailer? Yep. Basically, a huge loser — as in 60-feet tall — has to protect Japan against giant monsters, despite the fact that no one likes him and he’s not particularly good at his job.

? The Astonishing Work of Tezuka Osamu
Thirteen early short films from the creator of Astro Boy? Yes please!