It’s Dangerous to Go Alone — Take This Legend of Neil DVD

Ladies and gents, I’m extremely pleased to announce — in the sense that co-creators Sandeep Parikh and Tony Janning have already announced it, but I’m announcing it specifically to you guys — that The Legend of Neil is finally coming to DVD! The two-disc, loaded-with-special-features set is due in early December, but there are also a variety of different sets fans can pre-order, which include shirts, posters, credits in the insert and the DVD itself, a hand-made replica of Neil’s power sword, a picnic with the cast and crew in L.A. (with props!), and more. Plus, I can personally guarantee no German luggage manufacture will prevent this DVD set’s release. Listen to the video above for details. 

Now, this isn’t a Kickstarter, because the DVD is already coming out no matter what. It is Kickstarter-like in that based on your love of the web series you can pay more for special items and perks and basically help the dudes who have already ponied up their money to make the DVD release happen from going bankrupt and dying in an alley somewhere. You can pre-order the DVD — and the other packages — here, but hurry, because you can only pre-order the contributor-level stuff until September 16th. Tell ’em Topless Robot sent you. If there’s a place on the order form to tell them that. I don’t know that there is.