DVD Day: July 7th, 2009


? Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. 15
I’m actually glad it’s a slow DVD Day, because now I can justify putting the new Shout Factory MST set first (I was going to do it no matter what, since I’m a lunatic MiSTie, but it’s nice to have an excuse). This set includes the excellent Jon Mikl Thor-vehicle Zombie Nightmare, starring Adam West at his sleaziest, and is so very ’80s it’ll sting your eyes a bit; then there’s the utterly bizarre, incredibly low-budget ladies wrestling flick Racket Girls, which is magnificently awful. The set also includes the great MST episode but actually kinda depressing flick The Girl in Lover’s Lane, and finally wraps up with the second MST episode ever, The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy which is absolutely one of the most unwatchable films they ever did. It’s like every frame was designed not to entertain you, not even in an ironic way. Then the set has Shout’s wonderful extras, including details on the KTMA days. Buy it. Buy two copies. So Shout releases more volumes sooner and I can get my gruppy little monkey paws on more MST DVDs. Pretty please.

? Push
This is like Jumper, in that it’s an action movie starring people with superpowers that absolutely no one cared about. Except instead of jumping there’s pushing.

? Doctor Who: The Rescue/The Romans and Attack of the Cybermen
One has two episodes and the other has one. What an amazing value! Jesus, Who fans. As a MST fan who’s ever-so-slowingly getting his collection on DVD, I feel your pain.

? Peanuts 1960s Collection
This 2-disc set includes A Charlie Brown
Christmas, Charlie Brown’s All-Stars, It’s the Great Pumpkin, You’re
in Love, He’s Your Dog
, and It Was a Short Summer. Only two of which I remember existing.

? Grave of the Fireflies
This anime masterpiece has been released on DVD like a dozen times, but I wanted to make tell all you folks who hadn’t heard of it that it may well be the most depressing film ever made. The film begins with a young boy and his little sister dying of starvation in the aftermath of World War II…and gets more depressing from there. Just sayin’.

? Evil Bong 2: King Bong
If you do one thing today, look at the cover to this DVD. You will not be disappointed.