Harry Potter Traumatizes Japanese Girl

So this adorably insane Japanese girl won some contest in Japan to interview Daniel Radcliffe, who you might know as the kid with the large penis who had sex with horses in the play Equus. Also, he’s Harry Potter. Suffice to say, when Radcliffe pops out, the Japanese girl basically enters a catatonic state of bliss and amazement. Then she interviews Radcliffe and has the chance to — well, maybe not traumatize him in return, but certainly confuse the heck out of him. It’s all pretty fun.

Two things to note — first off, Daniel Radcliffe seems like a pretty okay dude. He was sweet and sincere to this crazy girl, and absolutely made her life. He didn’t have to play along nearly as well as he did; bully for him. Second of all, the girl’s wearing a shirt that says “RAGE GET” on it. I want it so bad. (Via Great White Snark)