It Was All Part of Alan Moore’s Plan

I feel really weird about posting two Funny or Die videos in one day — my OCD likes me to try and mix things up, which is why I (theoretically) keep the coverage on TR so evenly distributed — but I’m justifying it to myself this way: the first video was news, in that it was the first trailer for the J-stache cartoon, although it happened to be funny. This second video, showing Rorschach’s attempts to figure out why the Watchmen movie tanked and who’s responsible, exquisitely timed for today’s Watchmen DVD release — is just funny, and magnificently so. Warning: contains a special guest appearance by a certain snake god. (Via Robot 6)

Reminder: I’m flying to SDCC tomorrow, so there’ll be a Daily List tomorrow and recap of the coverage schedule, but that’s it (probably). Stop by once or twice tomorrow, but plan on coming back several dozen times on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for TR‘s SDCC coverage. Pretty please?